José Luis Gómez, as knows as PEPE EL MARISMEÑO, was born in Huelva in 1973. He started very young as a flamenco singer, getting forty-two awards at the age of seventeen, the most important one, was “Alosno por fandangos”, given by the Junta de Andalucía to young flamenco singers. At the age of seventeen he started taken part of the “niño Josele”’s company a well-known guitar-player; collecting significants awards, special mention to the ones from Taranto in Almería, The Platería from Granada and also the Peña Flamenca de Huelva ones. This one was the most important Flamienco award in Andalucía.

In 1992 he was given the special mention in the “Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla” event, with his spectacle “ARCANGELES MORENOS”; he was given the first award, “Nuestros Valores”, for Younger Flamenco Singers. When this happened, he started to appeared in announcements with some other artists such as José Mercé, Camen Linares, Manolo Sanlucar, Aurora Vargas, Pansequito, Juan Valderrama, etc., doing also lots of tours not only in Spain, but also in abroad.

In 1996 he took part in the well-known group “Los Marismeños” sharing a lot of success with them until 2003. In this period they make eleven CDs and they became in a very famous group along of Spain, appearing in TV, theaters and also some bars; it is also really important to mention that they make more than thirty concerts in South America, with some significant artist as Paco de Lucía, Chiquetete or Silvia Pantoja, finishing them in Miami.

After this period, Pepe el Marismeño started his career alone and he tried to be even better while playing and singing flamenco music.

In 2005 he made his first CD by himself: “SI TE CONTARA YO” by the well-known musical producer José Miguel Évora.

In 2006, he started his social labor by helping people with the drug addiction, taking part in the institution Hipócrates; the most important one along Europe about drugs addicts therapy. Nowadays, he rules his own drug addicts therapy center in Sevilla with astonishing results.

In 2007 his second CD, “CAMBIO DE VIDA”, reach the fame; this was done by his own production with Fidel Cordero, José Quevedo “Bolita”. With this second CD he started being more famous in the music world in Spain, being a referent for lot of people.

In 2009 he made his third CD, “LA BUENA SUERTE”, together with Domi; with this work, he also get more and more popular, going to lots of TV programs; for example he was one of the juries in the famous program “SE LLAMA COPLA”, in Canal Sur TV channel.

In 2010 he made a tour call “SEGURO DE MI MISMO”, with the help of Goupama, that received a lot of spectators. He sang in thirty Andalucian theatres, starting by making the presentation in the famous Sevilla theatre, Lope de Vega.

In 2011, as in 2009, he was again part of a jury, but in a different TV program this time, called “A TU VERA” in La Mancha TV channel. It is significant to say that he shared being the jury and also giving concerts at the same time.

In 2012, he recorded his fourth CD “SIETE MARES” with Isidro Muñoz, a Mexican musical producer. Along that year he made his concerts as he used to, and he sang in popular festivities. He also appeared in some TV programs, like for example “MENUDA NOCHE”.

He did a performance in “FESTIVAL DEL FLAMENCO POP, CON MUCHO AJE” in the Leganés theatre Egaleo. He received a special mention in the “XIII FESTIVAL DEL FLAMENCO JOVEN DE ANDALUCÍA (MEMORIAL MORENO” from Paymogo.

“SIETE MARES” was produced in 2014 in Huelva, after doing SIERRA DOMENÉ, S.L., a producer created for the production of unknown artists giving them the opportunity to make concerts along Andalucía.

At the same time, he starts working on an idea that he had been developing since 2010, “HUELVA, LA LUZ DEL FLAMENCO”. This is an innovative technological show based on the use of holographic screens that blends the songs and dance tradition and of Huelva, bringing back the monumental, artistic and musical heritage that since he was a child he love. This, added to his idea of linking together his roots, his culture and new technologies in the flamenco world is what makes Pepe specifically Sierra Domené, S.L. feel the necessity of showing the world his land through the show “HUELVA, La LUZ DEL FALMENCO”. Flamenco in other dimension.

Since the summer of 2016, he is part of the jury of the talent show «Yo Soy del Sur», broadcast by Canal Sur and audience leader in Andalusia. He is currently working on the new release of his album «El Mercadillo de la Alegría» produced by Jesús Bola and under the executive production of Francis G. Baéz by Ibermedia.

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